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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sailor's Cove Sunrise

I usually refer to the western end of the West Bay Walkway as West Bay Marina. The Marina is there but the actual bay in which it is situated is called Sailor's Cove and there is also a Sailor's Cove Marina, pictured above, as well as the West Bay Marina, which is visible in the background. I took this photo about two hours ago just after the sun rose on what looks to be another glorious day. You can see part of the walkway on the left of this photo.


Stefan Jansson said...

Another beautiful morning.

RedPat said...

It looks absolutely super. Another gorgeous BC day. Love the house boat in the middle.

Jack said...

A beautiful, peaceful moment. I love the light here.

tennisjazz said...

lucky you! it was quite foggy here in Rockland, and in Oak Bay where I played tennis today. If you lobbed high enough, the ball vanished into the mist.
the sun came out about 10 minutes before sunset!

JoJo said...

It was nice there first thing on Thursday? When the Clipper arrived everything was socked in.

Benjamin Madison said...

Steffe - yes, another beauty.
RedPat - yes I'm fond of that houseboat too - and it's for sale - though it's more than I can afford.
Thanks Jack.
tennisjazz - yes this was early - maybe around 7 am - we got socked in with clouds shortly after as well.
JoJo - yes, early it was nice - I guess you brought the clouds with you.