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Monday, February 8, 2010


I mentioned that I've been putting some bird seed out lately. I usually scatter it on top of a stone wall that bounds the backyard. However, I've not been seeing many birds lately and I suspect the orange cat pictured above is the reason. He sits and watches the wall while the Juncos and other birds flutter around in the trees above and watch the cat.


Mike Laplante said...

I wish municipalities would take charge of cats. I've seen them stealing fish from my watergarden, killing whole nests of new hatchlings just learning to fly... And I'm tired of their crap in my gardens and yard. Most cat owners are irresponsible -- they want some pet they can pet and hug for a few minutes before they turn them out to face death at the hands of cars, or dogs, or raccoons, or even eagles and hawks... Every neighbourhood in Victoria has "missing cat" posters and I always want to write the words "Idiot owner..." across the top. Plus the cats are wiping out whole populations of small mammals and birds in neighbourhoods.
I no longer hesitate to trap cats on my property and turn them over the SPCA.
Do I hate cats? No. My cat of 14 years just recently passed away. I kept her indoors and she was perfectly content with that.

PinkPanthress said...

Even though he's being a meany waiting for the birds, I think he looks cute waiting for them like that! :)
Like a plash of orange colour in all of it...

JoJo said...

Patiently waiting for noms.

christina Klas said...

great site! Lots of good nature pics. My husband and I are thinking about coming up and visiting this neck of the woods in the Spring! We live so close and have never been!

Dean Lewis said...

Mike sure makes some good points. I never gave too much thought to how much at risk cats are themselves, in addition to what they mean to birds.
I recall how a few years ago, someone climbed up to check on an empty bald eagle nest in Beacon Hill Park and found a dozen kitty collars. So their fate is really at issue as well.
Dogs aren't allowed to run out of control, and something tells me there is already a similar cat bylaw that just may not be enforced as much. I know a lot of gardeners get peeved at their flowerbeds turning into cat toilets.

Chuck Pefley said...

Ah, the very best of the bird watchers.

A delightful photo!

Frankly, I like cats to be free to roam ... and be cats. That said, however, my recently departed feline was kept indoors. Too many cars in a big city.