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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Actually I know this is not a parrot. But I've just spent an hour searching through my Peterson's Field Guide to Western Birds without finding anything that really matches this fellow. The sun came out for awhile yesterday and while I was wandering around above the Gorge, he (or she) came and struck this lovely pose. So I've titled this post "parrot" in the hopes that some irate birder will click through and inform me what kind of bird this is.
Bravo to reader Marnie, Ms. Toast Burner, who blogs over at "One Slice at a Time." She identifies this as a male House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus), a member of the rosefinch genus. Wikipedia has a good picture of this bird that leaves little doubt she is correct. Thank you Marnie!


ms toast burner said...


I'm not an irate birder but I once lived beside one... I think that is a 'house finch' and a boy one at that. I think?

Robin said...

I'm not an expert either, but it looks like a Robin to me. Or I know people are mixing race and ethnic backgrounds maybe birds are doing it too. Thats why you cant find him/her in the book! LOL

Kcalpesh said...

What a beautifully focused picture! Lovely!

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Sharon said...

Great shot whatever he is!

Unknown said...

Love the picture, a friend of mine is a nature buff of some sort...she actually worked not to far from you at Mt. Rainer National Forest. And she says it is a House Finch (within 3 minutes of my e-mail being sent out.)
Hope that helps ya.

Unknown said...

Oops sorry, I didn't read your edit to the post before I wrote the original in my feeds and just now saw your edit. :)

Benjamin Madison said...

Thank you Robin. Nice try, but I think you are letting your name influence you.

Thankyou KC and Sharon.

Bethany - thanks for seeking outside expertise. It confirms Marnie's identification and when I looked closely at this bird in my field guide I have to agree.

Suzanne said...

This sure looks like a house finch to me.