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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

7 O'Clock

Since Victoria's major employers are government and tourism, it's symbolically appropriate that the ends of the Inner Harbour Causeway are bracketed by the Legislative Assembly buildings on one end and this tower on the other end. The structure pictured above rises above the Victoria Visitors Information Centre, which provides services for tourists. It wasn't built for this purpose. It used to rise above a gas station. If you look closely you can still see the indentations that identified it as an Imperial Oil station.

This is also an archival shot from August of this year. Seven o'clock in the evening right now is dark. With the weather lately (it was -6 degrees Centigrade this morning when I got up) I shall probably continue with views from the archives.


Dean Lewis said...

Has a real art deco style, don't it? Similiar to the Empire State Building. There is a cool revolving searchlight on top now.
I wanted to climb up and add a Batman stencil. : )

postie said...

Gee I must be old. I remember the gas station. It was before I started to drive but i do remember it

Carolyn said...

Built to last, not like gas stations today! Great photo and I learned something new!