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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome to Victoria!

Downtown today my heart gave a leap when I saw this long line of revelers. My immediate thought was "Oh, it's the Olympic Torch Relay!" But looking more closely I found that none of them were carrying a torch. "Of course," I thought, "it's the line-up for the H1N1 vaccination!" But no, there's no clinic nearby. When I noticed the smiling faces and the multitude of cameras, however, I realized I was just suffering from media induced fantasies again. This is a tour group, of course, one of the last of the season no doubt, probably just fresh from passing through airport security by the look of them. Welcome to Victoria, happy travellers!
(I kept my distance, mind you. That little soccer zombie on the right looks like he has sharp teeth.)


Dean Lewis said...

That parade went all the way up Fort street to the Jubilee Hospital.
It's the queue for MRI's !

Jabba said...

I was so uninspired this year (which is very unusual for me) that I didn't even make it out to see this. I'm going to have to make up for it next year by participating.

Kim said...

Loved your commentary on your sighting. Well seen and thanks for sharing. It seems Canada is vaguely unaware it has been taken over by Zombies. They apparently like "living" amongst such a polite population. :-)

Dana said...

That was a great march-- my first time seeing it! Great photos, too!