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Friday, October 23, 2009

Jack Davis Building - Blanshard Street

This is another downtown office building that I like. I realize when I look at the buildings I like I tend to prefer those that have some decorations or round corners or at least something a little more interesting than the all too common box shape. Anyway, this is the Jack Davis Building on Blanshard Street in downtown Victoria. Though it was built in 1992, as recently as 2005 it was still considered outstanding in energy-efficient design. This is a fitting legacy for the Canadian politician who was, "...the first Minister of the Environment in the English-speaking world..." in the government of Pierre Trudeau during the early 1970s. Click here to read the Wikipedia article about Jack Davis.


MurciaDailyPhoto said...

I like the perspective of the first picture

Virginia said...

Not the best looking building I've ever seen but your "slant" on it makes it much better. Glad to know it's energy efficient.

Dean Lewis said...

Yup, it is the curves that give this building something, .. organic.
Squareness has to be the easiest, and least creative architecture there is.
Curves, .... mmmm .