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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Karen Hough

Karen Hough, French horn player, Victoria, BC, CanadaI am constantly amazed by the variety of street entertainment on display here during the summer months. I've listened with pleasure to instruments I've never heard before such as the didgeridoo and the dulcimer. Above, however, is an instrument most of us are familiar with though it is seldom played in the streets, the French horn. Wikipedia has a good article on this instrument and informs me that the International Horn Society prefers to call it simply a "horn" rather than "French horn." Whatever it's called, one cannot mistake its mellow tones and when Karen Hough plays, all the traffic noises and busy-ness of the downtown evening fade into the background. If you're lucky enough to catch Karen playing, take advantage of the opportunity to listen to a fine performer on an instrument we rarely hear solo. Karen also plays in the Ensemble Pacifica and in the Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra.


Leif Hagen said...

Great musical portrait! I hope she had Canadian dollars adding up in her instrument case!!

Kevin said...

Beautiful light. I've always enjoyed listening to the talented musicians that play in Victoria, it's a great addition to the city.