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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Victoria Golf Club

Given the large number of senior citizens in Victoria it is not surprising that golf is a popular sport. Here is a scene from the Victoria Golf Club in Oak Bay, a membership only club that is one of the oldest and finest golf courses in Canada. The golfer contemplating her next shot in this photo is in a scene that has probably not changed much since the course was established in 1893. That's Trial Island in the background and, further back, the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula.


Kitty said...

wow. What an idyllic place to play a round?

Guy D said...

What a great view, I love it.

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Lowell said...

I've played golf in many areas, but it would be hard to beat this venue! What a striking place and this is a wonderful shot!

If I ever get to Victoria, I'll bring my clubs and you can get me into the club, right?

John Maslowski said...

A great capture of the golf course with a spectacular view of Trail Island in the background. Excellent layered landscape composition.

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks Kitty and Guy -it's a lovely course and one of its beauties is that you can drive through or past most of it and enjoy the view without paying the $150 green fee to play a round.

Jacob - since you're a golfer you're probably a member of a club in Florida so maybe you can get ME in.

John, thanks for your kind comments. I really admire your photos, especially what you do with HDR.

Lowell said...

Well, Ben...when I first retired, I played golf almost every day...and belonged to a club in Fort Lauderdale...but I haven't played hardly at all since moving to Ocala...we have lots of good golf courses, though, and there's no problem getting on most of c'mon!

postie said...

As a local here Ive always loved this course. I have played it twice many years ago when I was younger. I have also caddied on it for a few summers. It is usually not crowded so I assume its hard to get on and only with a member or someone very important. anyway if your a member please invite me to play lol