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Friday, June 6, 2008

Abkhazi Garden 2

I'm being a little self-indulgent here just because I like these Calla Lilies too much. This group is also in the Abkhazi Garden, subject of an earlier post. However, the most stunning group of plants in the garden has to be the Rhododendrons and the photo below hints at the amazing range of colors - pale pink on the left and orange and magenta in the background. You'll have to imagine the yellows and the reds and even one blue.


USelaine said...

Ah, Mendocino county has a lot of those too, mostly over closer to the coast, including multicolored gardens such as this. I don't get over there nearly as much as I would like. Lovely close-up on that color.

Lynette said...

These are great photos. I am amazed by the rhododendrons in Portland, Oregon, my new hometown for the past two years, such a variety of colors and blossoming schedules.

vero said...

Thanks for your visit, your photos are very nice!