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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Helmcken House 2

It's easy to see from yesterday's photo how Dr. Helmcken added to his house as his family grew, adding rooms as children arrived. He was married to one of Governor James Douglas' daughters who unfortunately died when the children were still quite young. So, as well as his many duties to the new colony (as a medical doctor, an elected representative and a high level Hudson's Bay Company employee) the doctor was also a single parent. The dining room of his house looks quite comfortable. In the center at the rear is the actual desk where Dr. Helmcken did much of his work when at home. One thing I learned about the doctor is that if the sitting room below had that wallpaper, that rug, and that sofa when he lived there then he was a much stronger man than I.


William Kendall said...

That wall paper's something else!

JoJo said...

That really is a very 'busy' room with all those patterns. Reminds me of parts of the Hearst Castle.