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Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Eight years ago I posted this photo of my shadow on a the trunk of a Garry Oak tree as the first photo of this blog. Lately I find myself thinking from time to time that I've photographed everything here once of not more than that but then something comes along like the recent tour of Government House that Fern and I took and I realize there is still lots to see and photograph in this city. I will take this opportunity to thank all the regular visitors for stopping by and especially those who leave comments - JoJo, William Kendall, Stephanie, Furry Gnome and others. I may not always answer your comments but I always read them and appreciate the time and effort you take to make them. I hope we'll all stick around for another year or two - there's always something new to discover in and around Victoria.


William Kendall said...

Happy Blogoversary!

JoJo said...

Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for your daily posts. Now that I'm on the east coast, this is the only way I get to see Victoria.

K and D in the RV said...

I have only just recently discovered your blog, and I have been immensely enjoying it. Our oldest son and fsmily now live in Victoria, and your blog gives us places to seek out when we come to visit. Great pictures, even of the wildfowl and other things we enjoy.

Carola Habeck said...

Glad that you are still blogging. I don't know how many years I follow your blog now, maybe five. I realy like your view of Victoria. My blog