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Thursday, January 28, 2016

St. Ann's Pioneer Schoolhouse

This modest little building on the Royal BC Museum grounds probably the earliest schoolhouse in the province. Below is information from a wall plaque on the site.
St. Ann's schoolhouse was purchased by Bishop Demers for the four sisters of the order of St. Ann who came from Quebec in June, 1858, to teach in Victoria. It is believed to be the oldest building in Victoria which is still in use, possibly built between 1843 and 1853. It was moved to its present site from the grounds of St. Ann's Academy in 1974.


JoJo said...

Can you go inside? It's a cute little building, I'm glad it was preserved.

William Kendall said...

It's a pretty building. From the looks of things, I'm assuming it's been turned into a house.

William Kendall said...

Re-reading it I noticed the mention of the Museum grounds, so it can't be a house.

Stephanie said...

Remember seeing it on the grounds by the museum.

Benjamin Madison said...

Thanks all for your kind comments.

@JoJo - I've never seen it open and I suspect they probably just use it occasionally for special presentations - maybe to school tour groups and events like that.