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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Funk Cannon

I caught this odd trio playing at the bottom of Government Street across from the Visitors Information Centre last week. I say "odd trio" because whoever heard of a band consisting of two saxophones and a drummer? It didn't look very promising but when they started to play it was electrifying. Inside of a few minutes a crowd of 50 had gathered and everyone - seniors, toddlers, teenagers, middle-aged moms and dads and miscellaneous thirty-somethings - the whole crowd was bopping along with the raw energy of the music these kids were making. They are called "Funk Cannon" - click their name for a link to their facebook page. In the photo above, on the left is Thomas Daudlin, Skye Perez in the centre and Max Stover on the right. Check out the short video below for a sample of their music.


William Kendall said...

Unusual combination for instrumentalists. I'll have to check the video a bit later on.

Stephanie said...

Interesting music.