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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mushroom Season

Mushroom season has only just begun now but there are already a few of the smaller kinds of fungi visible on the forest floor, Above is one of my favorites, the Toothed Jelly Fungus (Pseudohydnum gelatinosum). I don't know if these guys glow in the dark but they certainly glow in the daytime. I think I also like them because they are one of the few fungi I can identify. The brown mushrooms on the left belong to that much larger class of fungi that I cannot identify. If there are any mycophiles out there perhaps you can suggest what kind of mushroom they are.


William Kendall said...

That first set look otherworldly!

JoJo said...

They do look like they would glow in the dark. I just saw some mushrooms in my yard today too.

Stephanie said...

Wow! I have never seen these kinds of mushrooms.