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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Victoria!

At this point in time (Monday 17 October), Occupy Victoria presents a peaceful, almost idyllic scene. It's a nice change to see Centennial Square occupied by relaxed citizens being themselves and expressing their views freely as we are supposed to be able to do in a democracy. Surely this is what a city square is for. There's food and discussion and information. If you live in Victoria, drop down to Centennial Square and see what's going on. Click HERE to find out more about the People's Assembly. And HERE's a local news story.


Jack said...

Maybe Canadian protesters bathe. That would be welcome down here.

Dean Lewis said...

On the face of it anyone could be excused for wondering just how much influence this protest could weld in the larger picture. I think the Occupy protests all over North America serve to demonstrate solidarity with the key one happening in NYC, the visual focal point for the massive corporate corruption that led to the mess economies are experiencing on large scale.
There are white-collar criminals that got very, very rich from what happened by fraudulent trading. Money doesn't disappear, it just changes hands.

JoJo said...

Some of the protests here have had minimal turnouts.