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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oak Bay Village

I've mentioned before that greater Victoria is made up of several smaller entities, one of which is the City of Oak Bay, on Victoria's eastern shores. And while I've often featured photos of Willows Beach and other parts of Oak Bay, I've not before posted a photo of Oak Bay Village. It's a very comfortable shopping area with lots of small book stores, art galleries and specialty shops, very pleasant and relaxed.


JoJo said...

How cute! I do love Willows Beach.

Dean Lewis said...

Oak Bay village really is a great concentration of varied shops. Over only two blocks on both sides, there must be thirty-plus high quality stores, bakeries, art galleries, banks, cafes and restaurants.

Jabba said...

Hey - that's my job site! We are renovating the TD Bank. Nice shot - you certainly capture the sleepy neighbourhood around. I love driving out there.

msdewberry said...

One of my favorite places to go when in Victoria is the Blethering Place on Oak Bay ave. Its always crowded and the service is pretty bad but the scones with devonshire cream and homemade preserves is worth the wait.
Also the Chocolate shop, can't remember the name off the top of my head but it is just down from the theater. Don't know if either one of those is still there?