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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

View Street Parkade

Parking in downtown Victoria, as in most cities I would guess, is always a challenge. The city operates several parkades and while most don't really have any redeeming features this is a bit of an exception. And the kids always think it's a thrill.


Andy said...

Parking garages are good spots to take photos from. Especially on the top floor.

Sheila said...

The best thing about the View Street Parkade is that it's perfectly engineered. If I remember rightly, once you set the course you don't have to worry about steering - just keeping the wheel where it is until you hit the bottom. Great photo!

JoJo said...

Cool shot!

front st gang said...

You're right Sheila, it is built with just the right turning radius isn't it?
Thanks for your kind comments everyone.