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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jean Bedard - Musician

The Inner Harbour Causeway has become such popular (and lucrative) venue for buskers and musicians that performers must now audition before they are granted licenses. This musician's name is Jean Bedard. You can get some idea of his music from the video below, although the sound quality is poor (I'm working on it!) I take this opportunity to thank Jean for his permission to use this photo. I hope he gets his license because I'd like to hear more.

1 comment:

raf said...

I like Mr. Bedards style very much. My thanks to him and you, Ben. Hope he gets the license too. I've made a few videos of musicians I've posted, but have been hesitant to use them on this photo portal. However, I think they work in nicely on your two posts, so I may give it a next time. All the best.