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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Great Blue Heron

A nesting colony of Great Blue Herons is located in Beacon Hill Park, within a few minutes walk from downtown Victoria. The colony has been under attack lately from Bald Eagles who occasionally nest nearby, causing a small controversy amongst locals, some maintaining that the herons should be protected while others say that the eagles and herons are natural enemies and the attacks are simply nature taking its course. However, the herons are a small and at-risk population while the Bald Eagle is thriving - estimated population in BC is 20 to 30 thousand, about a third of the North American total. In any case, it seemed like a rare privilege for a city dweller like myself to be able to approach such a splendid creature so closely and I hope the eagles will find something else to eat.


oldmanlincoln said...

I hope people will allow Nature to work things out. They have been doing it for eons and have a lot of experience. Both birds are beautiful but to a bird, another bird represents some kind of problem in many cases and they have to work it out.

Imagine this:
Take a picture of your car with you seated in it, going down the super highway at 65 mph. I just put this on my Brookville blog this morning.

Hyde DP said...

ah the dilemma of whether to interfere or not - great sight though.